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We do Pro-Bono work for folks who are wrongly prisoned by the government officials who take their power to seriously

We are brand and Reputation Management Experts.

Crisis Management

Sometimes bad things happen to good companies and executives. At BlackSpire, our Crisis Management team is prepared to mitigate and control damage to reputations and help position tarnished images in a more favorable light. We also work with clients to help avoid such situations.

At Black Spire, we have one of worlds top crisis communications and management practices serving: large corporations, entrepreneurs, not-for-profitsattorneys, lobbyists, and public sector entities. We respond to critical, bet-the-ranch matters such as investigations, lawsuits, land-use matters, natural and man-made disasters, environmental situations, crime, accidents, public health emergencies, bid disputes and allegations of wrongdoing. On average, we handle two dozen crises a year.

Crises can hit companies from any angle at any time. While it’s up to you to avoid most crises, it’s up to us to help control the fallout.

Our time-tested strategies help companies, firms, and individuals respond sensibly and effectively to any situation. After all, crises rarely happen on a schedule. The organization or individual is thrust into a situation where it must deal with a sudden, significant and unpredictable negative event.

Black Spire Media Training

Not all media training courses are created equal.

Our industry-leading trainers are continuing to provide all of our highly-tailored media training workshops virtually – live online – rather than in person, to keep everyone safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

One client told us we go “Google crazy.” She meant it as a compliment. She was pleasantly surprised by how much homework we had done in advance of her company’s media training session. Her group recognized that we had conducted deep research into their industry, reviewed their previous media clips, and developed a workshop that helped them identify—and solve—their biggest media challenges.

As a result, they left their private media training workshop feeling fully empowered as media spokespersons—and knew they could navigate even the most challenging questions with poise and confidence.

We’ve been recognized as industry leaders for a long time. We’ve trained many thousands of people during our in-person and live remote workshops, including hundreds of top executives.

One of our web properties became the world’s most-visited media training website.

But enough about us. Because really, it’s about you—and what our deep experience allows us to do for you. We focus relentlessly on one thing: helping you realize immediate results.

And because we know that mastering any skill is a lifelong task, we’ll be with you long after your media training session ends.

If you invest in us, we’ll invest in you.

Black Spire Worldwide Publicity
Our belief system understands, “MORE THAN CAPITAL...CREATIVE IDEAS ARE THE ESSENCE OF SUCCESS” From building brands to creating a corporate identity, designing an offline and online presence, to strategic consultancy and many more, Black Spire is a one stop, solution provider. At BLACK SPIRE, our focus lies on assisting you in staying ahead of the curve by maintaining an upper hand over your competition, getting addicted to technology, and adapting the ever-changing digital world.
Black Spire Speaker Engagements and Placement

We find the right motivational and knowledgeable top CEO’s for the job at over 500 trade shows per year.

If can’t enlist then we don’t exist.

We have an Ai platform the help hone in on our super qualified clientele. We place the excitement into the room that will mesmerize the folks who have spent thousands to attend.

It's not called luck it is called placing the right pieces in the right holes to come up with a Picasso that can motivate an audience with knowledge and futurism. These are not easy choices with back up plans.

There’s nothing like being the human resource department of the big halls in the trade show community.

We want folks to walk away with memory that will help them for years to come.