Do you ship to … ?
  • US: Free, except for Puerto Rico, Alaska (Price varies. Please contact us to see our ship rates).
  • Canada and Mexico: Price varies. Please contact us to see our ship rates.
  • Central and South America: Price varies. Please contact us to see our ship rates.
  • Europe: Price varies. Please contact us to see our ship rates.
  • Asia & Oceania: Price varies. Please contact us to see our ship rates.
  • Middle East: Price varies. Please contact us to see our ship rates.
  • Africa: Price varies. Please contact us to see our ship rates.

Contact email: shipping@orbtt.com


How can I track my order?


Our shipping partner provide a tracking app. When you place your order, you will give the mobile phone number and by that we will send the SMS with the tracking number and instruction for you follow your order.

What is the deadline to receive my products?

The deadline for delivery of your products varies according to the place requested for delivery, chosen form of payment and availability of the product purchased.

When placing a product in the shopping bag, you can inform the zip code of the locality of delivery to know immediately the deadline for delivery of your order.

Please note that the deadline for submitting your order will be considered from the confirmation of payment and release of your order.


Orders usually takes from 15 to 20 days to delivery.

How much should I pay for freight?

The freight delivery of your order is calculated according to the place requested for delivery, weight and volume of the products purchased. When placing a product in the shopping bag, you inform the zip code of the delivery location and the freight amount will be displayed.

Can I set a day and time for delivery?

Unfortunately not. The scheduled delivery process is extremely complex, since we can not predict the occurrence of natural factors such as rains, traffic, accidents and other events. Faced with this, we chose not to assume this rigid responsibility of a timetable, but we guarantee its delivery within the informed deadline.

Follow your order

Upon completion of the order and contemplation of the transaction, the order will be placed in the Post Office and the tracking code will be sent by email so that you can follow the evolution of the process of delivery of your order.

Delayed order

That can happens if there are any nature disaster, strike or any major incovineance in your are. Through the tracking code sent to your email, you can track and track the route of your order.

If you still have questions, you can contact the Orbtt Call Center, by email at shipping@orbtt.com



How do I become a VOLUNTEER?

Simply purchase one of our products from www.orbtt.com and register at our portal. Your Account will be created once the order is completed. From there you can access our coupon website: www.coupons.orbtt.com and claim all the free coupons given from our advertisers.

What are the advantages of becoming a VOLUNTEER?

A VOLUNTEER receives all the rewards for participating of the most interesting marketing campaign out there. While you can protect your luggage from scratches, you can also distinguish from others at the luggage carrousel thankfully to our luggage sleeves.

Our advertisers are happy to reward our travelers with free coupons to make their travel experience fun and unforgettable. The number of advertisers will always increase and so will be the value and amount of free coupons given to the travelers.

To become a VOLUNTEER costs only US$ 19.99. When you order a Luggage Sleeve and you can get more than US$ 300.00 in free coupons just to start with. From a free coffee, snacks to luggage fees paid for.

It is an individual account, so if you want to use the best of the program with your family and friends, invite them to join us too.


Will I have to pay a monthly fee?

No, a VOLUNTEER is granted with the first purchase from our products. We have a strategy with our advertisers, making it an unique marketing tool at the market. This strategy allow us to have what is necessary to keep our company financially health without the need to ask for monthly access fees.


Does the VOLUNTEER user access expire?

Yes, after 12 months from your purchase. We only request that to keep with us, you purchase a luggage cover yearly, to show different campaigns from our partners and keep involved with Orbtt.


How do I login into the VOLUNTEER account?

Register at www.orbtt.com and fill up our forms, then you will receive an e-mail to validate your account. After that you can use the login details from your account at access to all the coupons.


Do I need to wait to receive my luggage sleeve to have granted the VOLUNTEER access?

No, you don’t. As soon as you purchase your product, another page will appear for you complete your details and answer a few checkbox questions. Once the profile is completed, it will be sent an email with a link to active the account. Once the account is activated, you will be able to access your account session and the www.orbtt.com page as well.


What if I do not want to be a volunteer anymore?

We will be very sorry for your loss and thank you in advance for suggestions so we could improve on what displeased you. However, if you so wish, just send us an e-mail to cancel@orbtt.com and there is no penalty or fee related to your cancellation, nor will there be any value to be refunded by Orbtt, since after the acquisition of the cover and respecting your period of repentance or cancellation of purchase, there is the possibility of any refund.



How can I track my order?

We offer an app where you can follow your order, where it will inform each stop of the package.



The Orbtt’s luggage cover is covered by factory warranty. We will replace your luggage cover if that comes with cosmetic issues.



Orders placed on http://www.orbtt.com qualify for a 30 day returns policy.




Do I have to wait to receive my bag to have access to the Coupons?

No, as soon as you buy your product, another page will appear for you to fill in your details and answer some questions from the check box. When the profile is complete, an email will be sent with a link to activate the account. Once the account is activated, you can access your account at www.orbtt.com and your account to view and choose your coupons. In addition, OrbttApp download will be available, where when entering the data of your registered account, you will have access to all the features of the same.

How does it work to use Coupons?

You will select the coupon from the options provided. When you select it, it will be in the field of saved coupons.
In the Coupon there is an expiration date and the QR code referring to it. When you present to the establishment, you will need to open the coupon, where you will see the information about it and the QR Code, which will be scanned by the mobile phone with the application of the establishment.
The coupon will be validated and will leave your list of available coupons and enter your coupon history used.
Respecting the policy of participating companies, you will receive coupons monthly and with pre-defined validity.
If you do not use the coupon until the date allowed, it will leave your list of available and active coupons and will be unusable.
But do not worry, other coupons will come to be used.