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Your company will be seen by thousands of potencial customers in a single trip. Bellow you can see the possibilites accross the USA.

  1. Advertisers love the idea ---- lower ARPU-Average Revenue generated by a USER most commonly a new customer, low attrition, higher customer loyalty and high rate of new customers and repeat customers.  

  2. Advertisers jump in at no cost! Marketers don’t have to give up to much on the front-end without knowing their ROI.

  3. The program is a true “proof of the pudding” platform that really works.

  4. See it immediately in the redemption, Orbiters-aka “Volunteers” are given the opportunity to talk about the donated products and services that marketers offer.

  5. If you have an ad that is exclusive in the ORBTT awards program and that customer can only use your products and services to redeem, you as the advertiser have the opportunity to provide a good show for that new customer-its entitlement for that customer to continue to promote you while in the field with the ORBTT volunteer. Not only are you going to get a great customer but an evangelist in the field as well.

  6. So it’s like inviting a new customer to a grand premier. You want to wine and dine this volunteer so he goes out in the field to bring in 100 more customers. That is exactly what will happen under the ORBTT AD PLATFORM.   You want to show your best stuff so he can get high on your narrative and your product in order to become the best evangelist out there and that means tons of products and services being sold.   Under the ORBTT AD Platform you actually get to see it happening before your eyes.  With Pics that each ORBITER takes when they redeem your offerings and awards.  You also see from video taken in the field of folks being glued to the spandex sleeves and torch lights and from folks who are very inquisitive about the entire platform.  Each volunteer becomes your salesman while in the field and touts your products and services and your brand.


The ORBTT Luggage Sleeves will be travelling taking your brand everywhere

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BECOMING An ORBTT PARTNER – it’s easy-its free

ORBTT’S number one goal is to ease the pain of travelers across the Western Hemisphere and eventually the world. Todays Travelers must cringe when they go on any form of trip. They must put up with a small bag of pretzels or peanuts when they travel, baggage fees and even seat selection fees not to mention stringent TSA lines and even high price menu items on planes to high fees from WIFI charges.

ORBTT ran a Cluster Analytic Survey of travelers from different ages and the response were favorable to our idea. ORBTT offers them an opportunity to opt in to place spandex sleeves on their luggage to not only protect their travel investment but also give them back travel perks while in transit.

This would make their travel experience much more livable, putting together the travelers and all the travel partners into this innovative program that gives back to the travelers when they were usedto be taken away from them.

ORBTT is a Patented spandex sleeve that fits all the hard case carry on luggages from 20 to 28 inches size.

ORBTT becomes a mobile go-anywhere advertising billboard that can be seen with its bright safety orange color.

TBest of all, the Program is free to advertisers. ORBTT has initiated a Earned Media Platform that in list’s a prove to me it works attitude.

ORBTT enlists QR codes to allow customers to redeem their travel perks. They present either a printed copy of their QR code and present the QR code at point of sale from their mobile device app. The app has a google locator, to assist the traveler to find the closest store to redeem their travel perks.

Redemption will be favorable at some point during their trip either at a time of delay or waiting on aflight. The forms of transportation is via plane, train or via cruise ship. Allowing the Luggage Sleeve to be seen along the traveler’s journey.

The travelers will enroll for a 12 months campaign with the Luggage Sleeve purchasing. Where they will be traveling as much as they want, redeeming the coupons and showing the ORBTT Billboard along with them.

For advertisement, there is a minimum of 3-months engagement to 12 months. After 3 months free and a program becomes successful ORBTT collects an affiliate fee of 7% per redemption.

This is the basic flow when at the airport:

Be part of our revolutionary way of reach new cllients and develop your business brand.