A Hawaii Sub S Corporation with its headquarters in Honolulu, Hawaii and has offices in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Orlando, Florida, and in Tokyo, Japan. Orion TT is a holding company of eight other travel based platforms within the travel Industry. Founded in 2014.
Founders    Gary L. German and Rodolfo Lopes

ABOUT ORION TT - Orion TT is the holding company of various travel technology companies that operate in the Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Virtual Reality, ORBTT Travel Voice Recognition Assistant, Drone Vehicle VTOL Ride Travel location Sites, and 3’d World Home Sharing within the Travel Space.

ORBTT - An in-airport/hotel traveling luggage billboard where travelers act as the advertisers brand ambassadors and tout those brands wherever they travel at one time. Brand Ambassadors receive awards in major discounts and free services while they travel.
MYCASAURCASA - Home family share/Airbnb like where the entire family from the G-20 travel and stay for more than two weeks with families from 3’d world countries

AIR TREK [ORION 33] VTOL TRAVEL SHARE In-Flight Hover Craft Travel Experience. - Travelers at certain destinations around the world will be able to experience a true VTOL Vertical Takeoff and Landing vehicle that will fly them anywhere around the travel destination much like a helicopter experience but this is the future of where the automobile is going.

TRAVEL MATCH - The Orion Travel Algorithms will match all travelers with the same likenesses, times of travel and where to travel around the globe with our Deep learning Cluster analytics platform. Step aboard a cruise line with people you may already know or get to know folks from around the world with the same travel interests you have. No more guessing, get matched with wonderful folks just like you.

ORION INFLIGHT VR - On-board -in-flight aircraft Virtual Reality Experience where passengers put on VR goggles and experience a 3D HD travel experience where they are going or want to go on vacation while traveling onboard a commercial aircraft or Passenger Bus and even the car. It is sold to separately before they travel. Airlines do not charge the passenger as they will advertise while the passengers are viewing.

TRAVELER API  - Essentially a Deep learning algorithm specially trained for travel agencies and all travel industry related companies

TRAVEL BAT - A true travel search engine that is geared for travelers only. It will be based on deep learning of each and every traveler on our platform.

ORBTT TRAVEL ASSISTANT - Your very own Voice Recognition travel assistant much like Siri, Google Home or Alexa but not assisted-its voice recognition to each traveler. Its algorithm’s deep learn on anything on the internet that is related to travel. This assistant will also do translation in real time. Point you to where you’re going and where you’ve been. Created in ou




                                                                                                                                             WALT TRAVEL ASSIST



Why ORBTT™ Works!

ORBTT™ A Patented Mobile Luggage Billboard Platform Used Worldwide Description A very simple program to implement

The new ad luggage sleeve has a built in 3D Light System giving advertisers and promotion companies around the globe a viable marketing program at no cost. Travelers who volunteer to cover their luggage with the ORBTT Spandex Ad Sleeve will gain access to all kinds of free perks and major discounts from participating advertising and promotional partners. Travelers will tote the mobile billboard luggage sleeves during most peak travel times during the year to-and-from airports, cruise ship ports, bus stations and train stations across the globe.  ORBTT is a 5 prongall-in-one Mobile Ad Billboard platform. The new 3D projection light is easy to install onto the sleeve with built in Velcro strips allowing the traveler to remove them when placing their luggage into the overhead compartment of an airplane or train.  


ORBTT’S 5 prong all-in-one Mobile Ad Billboard platform:


  1. ORBTT acts as a protective luggage sleeve protecting traveler’s bags.  
  2. ORBTT has two full sides of the Luggage Sleeve allowing advertisers to promote their products on both sides.   
  3. ORBTT gives volunteers (Travelers) who tout these ad sleeves an opportunity to get all kinds of great travel related freebees along their travel routes.    
  4. ORBTT 3D light-lights up on both sides of each piece of luggage wherever it goes and will attract a tremendous amount of attention.  
  5. ORBTT Licenses its products from the most Famous Brands around the world allowing ORBTT (the Company) full access around the world to offer travelers the opportunity to enjoy their favorite sports teams, Movie Characters, Super Heroes, and Vehicles without competition.


Who Wins With ORBTT


The Advertisers: It’s an adv. rewards Program, advertisers don’t pay, ARPU is low, and advertisers pay for it when Travelers use it.  Advertisers dig from existing inventories and pull out products and services that exist and are available in real time.  

The Travel Volunteers: Travelers who travel one time or many times get free Bag and Seat fees, Free Trips, Major Discounts, and continuous freebees.

The Travel Industry: We have created a new business platform for the tourism department all over the world with visibility everywhere you go model.  Again, these Tourism Departments receive advertising free. 

New and Seasoned Travelers: Folks who never really enjoyed traveling now have a way to save money and have a great time in the entire process. 


ORBTT Will Cost Only $19.99 plus Shipping.  This includes 2 Wireless Spot Lights and the Carryon spandex protective Ad Sleeve.  Average return for Travelers who travel two times a year $300-$500. Without Traveling-$2000.00


How to Use

A traveling participant purchases the luggage sleeve from us. The luggage sleeve comes with a QR code on it, that will be used to register into our website www.ORBTT.com . Once the traveler register into our system, they will have access to the selection of coupons given from our business partners and announcers.

The traveler places a protective spandex sleeve onto  their luggage which protects their luggage investment. Allowing them to have instant ability to redeem promo codes for free gifts, services,  food, and merchandise while on a travel excursion. 

The Sleeve has  participating marketers on both sides of the sleeve with a call to  action mobile URL and mobile QR code to retrieve their promo codes and  use them at participating marketers retail establishments/restaurants in  airports, outside airports, hotels, resorts, and in theme parks across  the world in real time.

ORBTT provides an APP that will assist the participant to find the closest participant stores to redeem their promo codes. Our app facilitates the communication between travelers and participant companies, giving precise information on the coupon contents and alerts for new ones.




Why Pay $30

Includes the retail of a protective luggage spandex sleeve and 3D Light Platform without perks, freebies, discounts, or coupon codes when traveling.

When you Pay $19.99

As a Volunteer for Advertisers you will receive major perks from Airline Companies, Travel and Tourism Departments, Parks and Resorts, Hotels, Rental Cars, Airport Restaurants, Airport Parking, Taxi’s, transportation, Postal, Free WIFI on planes, Free Baggage Fees, Free Seat Fees, Free Food and Beverages on planes, Discounts on International Communications through Cell Phone Products, Free Travel Insurance, Discounts at Museums, Events, Festivals and tons more.  We are adding more and more because this travel platform is great for everyone, the advertiser, the volunteers and the entire travel community and ecosystem. EVERYONE WINS!

When you travel just one time you could save more than $1000.00

  • Our program really starts to work when you travel more than one time per year.  Most Advertisers what to see you use their perks, freebies, incentives, major discounts because that tells them that this program works.  It could save an entire family of five who travels twice a year more than $5,000 per year on an investment of just $100.

We are just getting started on one of the most enduring worldwide travel discount platforms in the history of Travel.

  • Be a part of the beginning of our greatest ORBTT Global Travel Platform because we care about one thing and that is taking care of our volunteers!  Because the CEO and Founder is a Volunteer and he will lead by example. He will fight for Travelers, and he will win!

  • The Greatest thing about our ORBTT Global Travel Platform is that we are adding tons of new incentives, freebees, coupon codes, and more perks every day.  

What are you waiting for!  Your greatest travel experience is waiting for you!


ORBTT™ For Travelers


  • This sleeve acts as a mobile traveling billboard that has the  potential to travel the world in one day and reach many thousands of  travelers.
  • The Spandex Sleeve protects participating traveler’s luggage Investment and secure that the luggage keeps unviolated during their trip.
  • Gives travelers who participate, the opportunity to gain free  services, major discounts on travel gear, travel technology, free food  and beverages while travelling the world. Gives would-be travelers  before they go on their trip additional services and opportunities to  gain more discounts and the opportunity to gain more coupons that they  can use while on their trip and before and after their trip. The more  the travel participant travels the more money they save on these  products and services during the year.


Gary German Bio

Futurist-Digital strategist-Consumer Licensing Pro-Mobile APP & Content Specialist-Entertainment Public Relations mentor-Seasoned Entrepreneur in the Aviation, Travel, Mobile content, and Device, and technology industries.  

Mr. German is currently working as a futurist strategist in the Artificial Intelligence Voice Recognition field and within The Internet of Things.  

Mr. German is involved with several companies from startups to Fortune 500.  From Amusement Park Facial Recognition to VTOL transportation.  

He is currently working on an Ai Platform like no other in the Travel Space that will allow all travelers to have their travel assistant.  By coding in Python, using deep learning analytics and Machine learning and combining data mining and cluster analysis  

That will arrive at a patentable Algorithm that will change everything we do in the travel space. 

Mr. German has over 30 years’ experience in Aviation, Travel, Entertainment Marketing, Digital Strategy, Mobile Strategy, within Consumer Licensing and as an Idea and Naming Consultant.  In the past, as a futurist, he has helped major companies with what their existing products will look like within a three-year window.  

He has founded five successful businesses and has taken two companies through an IPO. He has licensed many consumer products, invented mobile games, developed mobile apps, written three screenplays and on his second novel called “The Alien Within Us.” At this moment, he is working on a new book called “The Halo Affect,” a Da Vinci Code-like mystery covering the “Lost Years of Christ.” 


After graduating from Big Twelve University in the early 1980s, he began his career instead of working for a large business conglomerate; He chose to quit this career and was hired as a flight attendant for a major airline. He had 70 of the 10,000 candidates to be hired. He credits the hiring of being a college life guard. He flew all over the world and airplanes became his second knowledge system.

In the late 1980s, he was hired as National Director of Promotions for Movies USA, a 1 million Circulation ad post distributed in theaters. The magazine was sold in 1992 to E Television.

In 1991, along with three other entrepreneurs, he helped with the launching of Movies USA.  A million Circulation advertisement driven publication distributed in movies theaters.  It was later sold to MTV Networks. 

In 1993, he and a team of engineers came up with a way to transform, decode, and compress analog video to a LAN using 10BaseT and regurgitated into digital video, a critical technology that was called “Video on Demand” and later called streaming video to the Internet.  He then worked getting this digital technology into the seat backs of major airlines around the globe, into newsrooms across the world and into cruise ship cabins. While involved with the feature film industry he became involved with product placement opportunities to major feature films in the late ’80s and 1990s. In 1990, he became a consultant to with CNN during the beginning of the Gulf War until 1996.  He worked with TBS and CNN’s Internet Strategies.

1993, Mr. German founded I-Captivate, LLC a Publicity and Public Relations firm focusing on Internet and video on demand entertainment technology companies. The company is now a successful consulting firm. In 1994, while implementing PR strategies for technology companies he simultaneously started InternetFX, one of the first Internet consulting firms to illustrate and enforce their Internet and e-commerce strategies, he later sold the company in 1998.  

While still growing I-Captivate, in 1997 he dove into the Internet space and started sTupid PC, the first PC manufacturer to sell a sub $1000 PC that included the monitor and delivery of the product to the door. It also included free instruction. He later took the company public in 1998. 

In 1999, he started CoolMan, the first home controlled voice-recognition all-in-one computer system using voice and touch screen to self-automate the home and office. From that product, “Ginger” the first Tablet PC with a touch- screen enabling games and business apps.  

Also, in 1999 he started AgeSpan, a senior portal concentrating on the high citizen marketplace and training seniors with today's technology, in 2000, he sold 90% of the company but still consults with the buyers.  

I-Captivate became a CEO Publicist Firm that branded CEO’s in the Technology arena. The first true social media platform for CEO’s. The company focused on branding the CEO in the Dot Com era. He worked with many top Internet Mavericks of that era. 

In 2002-2010, he was instrumental in Mobile Licensing and strategy; he has licensed many products and top brands. He licensed these significant brands for 3D mobile games, Mobile Stick-on Skins, Mobile apps and Mobile awareness campaigns for various Mobile Carrier groups in the Caribbean and Southeast Asia. Mr. German was involved with the first dual camera phone platform for smart-phones and tablet projects before facetime.  

In 2008, he was instrumental in putting together the first Internet device into an automobile with Orion Entertainment Systems. In 2009, he worked on DRM, Mobil Digital Pirating Prohibitory Software program to discontinue digital pirating all over the globe within the Music, Movies, DVD, Software, Ebook, and Gaming Industries. The Project is called (ULYSSES). 

2009-2012, Mr. German founded a new Mobile Technology that allows consumers to buy products with an easy-to-use UPC itemization platform.  The new mobile app allowed consumers to walk out the door of a store with a cart of products and simultaneously scans all products and deducts them with an on-file credit card, bank or Paypal account which gives customers a break from going through the long check out lines. (QUICKPAY) 

From 2012-2015 he took off to spend time with his children and to write several novels. Today, Mr. German is involved again at launching a worldwide phenomenon called ORBTT, The First Mobile Luggage Advertising Billboard which allows consumers to become brand ambassadors of their favorite brands and gain awards.    



 July 28, 2019                

Contact Information                Gary German CEO                           Orion Travel Technologies, Inc. 

Phone: 407-496-1183                Email gary.german@orbtt.com       Twitter: ggerman808

Orange Spandex with Lights will save travelers $Thousands and save Ad, Marketing and Promo Partners $Millions

First, you start with a piece of bright orange spandex, add some advertising graphics, fasten two torch lights to the spandex via Velcro, and then strap it onto a piece of carry-on luggage. And voilà! You have the first patented mobile luggage billboard that will reward travelers thousands of dollars in savings all over the world. It’s all part of the new Orion Travel Platform that will be available this coming holiday season.

Advertisers, promo and marketing partners put their graphics onto the orange sleeves, which get a lot of attention as they roll through airports and onto planes. Two ad torch lights fastened on the luggage are also used to shine company logos on the floor, ceiling, and walls.

Volunteers, or what the company calls (brand ambassadors), pay an upfront $25 fee to join the program.  For this small fee, they get a spandex sleeve that protects their carry-on luggage and two ad torch lights that act as nightlights and flashlights as they travel and free shipping. 

The Participating Airline rewards the ORBTT volunteers with fantastic freebies only offered on the Orion Travel platform. They include free baggage fees, open seat choice fees, free Wi-Fi on planes, free sandwiches, complimentary alcoholic drinks, free entry into the airline lounge, and free upgrades to first class offered through a bi-monthly lottery-like system. 

How the Orion platform works:

Tourism departments from all over the world promote their own tour partners on the bags.  The Brand Ambassadors buy into the program initiating true brand loyalty. Brand Ambassadors must purchase from the airline partner, buy a room or vacation rental from partners, purchase meals, coffee, donuts, clothing, travel merchandise from each of the participating partners.  Participating partner’s reward each traveling Brand Ambassador with freebies and heavily discounted programs that no one else in the world can redeem while they travel. Only through this one, truly unique, Travel Platform, do they offer such great incentives. 

Who wins?

The Tourism ad, marketing, and promo partners and the Traveling Brand Ambassadors

Everyone wins, beginning with the tourism base of partners because there is no up-front out of pocket payment, like every ad program that exists today. All Orion Brand Ambassadors who travel at various times during the year must purchase flight tickets from the participating airline, book with participating resorts, hotels and vacation clubs. Traveling Ambassadors must also purchase from merchandise partners, participating restaurants, museums, amusement parks, retail stores and other various excursion/festival partners in order to receive these top notch, found nowhere else incentives.

All participating partners that place their Ad graphics onto the sleeves reward every brand ambassador for chatting up the brands and wheeling the mobile billboard throughout the world in and out of airports, at the ticket counters, in TSA lines, throughout the terminals, waiting at the airline gate and then walking up the ramp and into the plane, down the aisles, then stopping at the seat row and stowing the luggage up in the bins. Then they do it all again to the Baggage claim carousels, out to the taxis lines and rideshares, buses or hotel Transportation.   Then to the hotel lobbies, bus stations, cruise ports, and train stations.  

There is no other patented Ad platform of this caliber in the world that can do this from end-to-end without upfront monetary participation from the ad, marketing, and promo partners.  

Contact Information:     Gary German CEO OTT, Inc.  407-496-1183 Cell.

                                            Email: ggerman@oriontraveltechnologies.com 

                                            url: www.oriontraveltechnologies.com


A Piece of Orange Spandex About To Make Traveling Less Expensive Press Release

Contact Information:         

  • For pictures and videos:                        www.orbtt.com   front landing page (Press)
  • Gary German:                                       gary.german@orbitt.com
  • Direct Phone:                                        407-496-1183
  •  Twitter:                                                 ggerman808
  • Mobile APP                                           Download at the Apple Store or the Android Google Store
  • Youtube video                                       https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnhXZGoy7vM&feature=youtu.be   


A Piece of Orange Spandex That Pays Most Travel Expenses

A new travel program called ORBTT promises to give back to travelers in the form of free baggage fees, seat selection fees, onboard food and drinks, and a continuous lottery system for free upgrades to first and business class and countless other major offers that cannot be found anywhere except on the ORBTT Platform.  

How it works: Travelers-AKA “volunteers,” place a patented piece of a carefully chosen color of orange spandex over their luggage, which in-turn acts as a mobile advertising billboard as well protects their luggage investment.  Each carry-on sleeve also comes with two Torch lights that sets each piece of luggage apart as hundreds of eyes are focused on the luggage. The luggage can also be seen from 50-yards away.  These portable ads roll through airports, train stations, cruise ports, and bus stations. The 20 inch carry-on sleeve makes its way to the overhead bin 99% of the time covering the entire airport catching attention wherever it goes.  Travel volunteers also known as orbiters, in-turn receive all kinds of great deals from the advertisers. Deals that cannot be found anywhere else! Ads are strategically placed on the sides of each orange sleeve making them easy to spot from just about anywhere in each controlled travel environment!  

The spandex mobile billboards come in two sizes, a carry-on 20-inch and cargo hold 28-inch. The entry cost for volunteers is 19.99 for the 20 inch carry-on.  Travelers are also given another option to purchase both sizes at $29.99.  Both ORBTT packages come with two highly visible torch lights for free. These two torch lights can easily be taken off the sleeve and act as a portable night light while staying overnight or as a quick-to-get-to flashlight.  The company also asks all Orbiters to take pictures after they redeem their prize awards so that the advertisers can see all the happy faces.   

If purchased through normal channels a luggage sleeve and two high glow lights by itself with no special features would cost up to $24. The ghost spot lights will beam the main advertiser’s logo on the ground, on to walls and onto ceilings.

How Orbiters redeem their awards?  All Orbiters are instructed to go to the ORBTT web site or download the ORBTT app.  Once there, they can pick what awards they want to use while on their trip.  Most advertisers have multiple locations around the US and volunteers can access and redeem those awards easily and seamlessly while traveling in real time. Orbiters simply show the UPC code at the participating advertiser’s register.   Awards will be added every day so there will be a plethora to choose from. 

ORBTT Travel Awards: These include free or heavily discounted parking fees, major discounts on ridesharing, free on-board alcohol drinks and sandwiches the participating airline, train, cruise, or bus company.  Orbiters also receive larger fare discounts and larger hotel and room sharing discounts not found on the web! Free purchasing of games, mobile apps, Travel Insurance, WIFI and mobile entertainment content while traveling. Another great perk is free lounge entry from ORBTT’s major airline participant, major mileage awards, major rewards on city wide events, major awards at restaurants and museums.  Lots more can be had while traveling and many more of these awards programs will be adding on a daily basis! 

It’s a win-win for everyone involved. Advertisers don’t pay for the advertising. Advertisers receive greater ROI by seeing Orbiters actually redeeming their products and services.  They use existing inventory of products and other services the volunteers are savoring for. Advertisers receive a great deal of customer loyalty at a time when it is rare to achieve, and volunteers get the best of the best when they travel. The ORBTT platform was first developed for seniors and families who travel on a budget. Now it’s for everyone! The company also hopes to enlist many families who normally would not take their vacations because of finance restraints and now can do so while traveling on the ORBTT platform.  The ORBTT PROMOTION TRAVEL PLATFORM will be available in over 15 countries worldwide and plans to grow to over 75 countries by 2020.  Expected launch numbers to be over 10,000 volunteers in the United States for this year’s holiday travel season and is expected to climb tremendously into 2019. 




Finally, a New Travel Program That Benefits Everyone

First, you start with a piece of bright orange spandex, add some advertising graphics, fasten two torch lights to the spandex, and then strap it onto a piece of carry-on luggage. And voilà! You have the first patented mobile luggage billboard that will reward travelers all over the world. It’s all part of the new ORBTT (orbit) program.

It’s a truly simple and ingenious ad platform that promises travelers who use the piece of spandex a bunch of deals and freebies as they travel the globe. Advertisers put their graphics onto the orange sleeves, which get a lot of attention as they roll through airports and onto planes. Two ad torch lights fastened on the luggage are also used to shine company logos on the floor, ceiling and walls.

The advertisers finally have a program they don’t have to pay for upfront as they may gamble on their ROI. Marketers then use existing inventories from their own coffers to essentially donate to the ORBTT Program. 

Volunteers, or what the company calls ORBTTERS (orbiters), pay an upfront $19.99 fee to join this program.  For this small fee they get a spandex sleeve that protects their luggage and two ad torch lights that act as nightlights and flashlights when they travel. The fun begins when they really see the value of the program as they travel through airports, train stations, and cruise ports.  

Advertisers reward the ORBTT volunteers with fantastic freebies only offered on the ORBTT platform. They include free baggage fees, free seat choice fees, free Wi-Fi on planes, free sandwiches, free alcoholic drinks, free entry into airline lounges, and free upgrades to first class offered through a by monthly lottery-like system on certain flying or travel days via train.  And that’s just the beginning! Other awards include free airport and cruise port parking, free coffee, and free ride sharing.  The more advertisers that join up, the more ORBTTERS receive when they travel. 

“This will give many folks, including families who don’t take vacations because of financial restraints, a no-brainer to do so when they can save so much money by joining the ORBTT program,” said Gary German, the brainchild behind the ORBTT Awards Program.  

“Every time that I would travel, I was inundated with travel fees.  I know every travel company has to answer to shareholders, so I came up with a plan that would help travel companies with their ROI and at the same time ease the pain for the traveler. Everyone is happy under our easy to use, highly visible program,” added German.

ORBTT should be around for a long time, as long as both the advertiser and the ORBTTR are happy.  

Story by Jonathan Savoy, CNN Travel



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