Do you ship to … ?
  • US: Free, except for Puerto Rico, Alaska (Price varies. Please contact us to see our ship rates).
  • Canada and Mexico: Price varies. Please contact us to see our ship rates.
  • Central and South America: Price varies. Please contact us to see our ship rates.
  • Europe: Price varies. Please contact us to see our ship rates.
  • Asia & Oceania: Price varies. Please contact us to see our ship rates.
  • Middle East: Price varies. Please contact us to see our ship rates.
  • Africa: Price varies. Please contact us to see our ship rates.</li>

Contact email: shipping@myorbitt.com


How can I track my order?

Our shipping partner provide a tracking app. When you place your order, you will give the mobile phone number and by that we will send the SMS with the tracking number and instruction for you follow your order.



How do I become a PREMIUM user?

Simply purchase one of our products from www.myorbitt.com and a Premium Account will be created once the order is completed. From there you can access our coupon website: www.coupons.myorbitt.com and claim all the free coupons given from our advertisers.


What are the advantages of becoming PREMIUM?

A PREMIUM user receives all the rewards for participating of the most interesting marketing campaign out there. While you can protect your luggage from scratches, you can also distinguish from others at the luggage carrousel thankfully to our luggage sleeves.

Our advertisers are happy to reward our travelers with free coupons to make their travel experience fun and unforgettable. The number of advertisers will always increase and so will be the value and amount of free coupons given to the travelers.

To become a PREMIUM user costs only US$ 29.99. When you order a Luggage Sleeve and you can get more than US$ 300.00 in free coupons just to start with. From a free coffee, snacks to luggage fees paid for.

It is an individual account, so if you want to use the best of the program with your family and friends, invite them to join us too.


Will I have to pay a monthly fee?

No, a PREMIUM user is granted with the first purchase from our products.


Does the PREMIUM user access expire?

No, because we have a strategy with our advertisers, making it an unique marketing tool at the market. This strategy allow us to have what is necessary to keep our company financially health without the need to ask for PREMIUM access fees.


How do I login into the PREMIMUM account?

Use the same login details from your account at the www.myorbitt.com website.


Would I have access to the standard access coupons?

Yes, you would keep the same access from the standard coupons, plus the PREMIUM coupons access.


Do I need to wait to receive my luggage sleeve to have granted the PREMIUM access?

No, you don´t. As soon as you purchase your product, another page will appear for you complete your details and answer a few checkbox questions. Once the profile is completed, it will be sent an email with a link to active the account. Once the account is activated, you will be able to access the PREMIUM session and the www.myorbitt.com page as well.



How can I track my order?

We offer an app where you can follow your order, where it will inform each stop of the package.


What is Impacto´s warranty?

The Impacto’s luggage cover is covered by factory warranty. We will replace your luggage cover if that comes with cosmetic issues.


What is Impacto’s returns policy?

Orders placed on http://www.orbtt.com qualify for a 30 day returns policy.